Posted on Oct 16, 2019

Warren Hansen REALTOR

What is That Switch Above Your Thermostat?🤔.

It’s time 🕰 for home 🏠 tip Wednesday!

Did your house get a little stuffy and humid with all the people and cooking at thanksgiving?

There is a nifty way to get extra air flow in your home that a lot of people don’t realize they have!

If your home was built after 1998 in Alberta it will have an air to air exchange system. Typically the switch for it is in the hallway near your thermostat.

When you flip the switch it turns on a exhaust fan in conjunction with your furnace system. This brings fresh air into your home and it feels like your furnace is blowing cold air, which is normal.

Just turn on this system anytime there is excess humidity, cooking odours, or strong smells like cleaning supplies.

Can also help cool down a house in the summer... I call it “poor mans air conditioning” lol.

Hope this helps! As always, be safe, be kind. See ya next Wednesday.
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